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What else are we up to at Illuminate?

For the past 4 years, Illuminate Culture has been working internationally with executives and their teams to build rock-solid workplace environments! We believe culture is the untapped fuel to growth, and leaders all over the world agree.


We are now at a place to do more, to go bigger & to serve our clients better. What does that look like you ask?

  1. We are extremely excited to be offering a new set of refined & updated services. We will still focus on employee experience design & strategic company culture planning. But we’ve taken best practices from the greatest companies in the world and build a brand new toolkit to help leaders develop their culture in a revolutionary way.
  2.  As mentioned above, the CultureING Podcast is about to be launched! We are interviewing leaders, CEOs, Chief People Officers and more about their experiences, challenges & wins in building culture at their companies. Our employees have never set such a high bar for us as leaders to build a workplace experience that they love & where they can thrive. But how? Well we are asking those in the trenches who’ve been recognized by their teams for building stellar company cultures, and we are sharing their insights with you. Sign up below to be notified when we launch our first episodes

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